The complete story of Sumer and the cradle of civilization

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The cradle of civilization is the root of all conflicts, religious beliefs, philosophical thoughts, and warfare that still remain in our history to this day. To know the beginning of our history is to know human civilization and unveil our psyche through the lens of history...

This video offers a comprehensive overview of the Sumerian civilization's rise and fall, detailing its profound influence on subsequent cultures and the enduring legacy of its contributions to various aspects of modern civilization. The narrative spans from the historical context of Sumer's emergence, through the ascendance of significant city-states like Ur, Erech, and Lagash, to the eventual decline under external pressures from the Elamites and the Amorites.

Viewers will gain insights into the Sumerians' pioneering advancements in writing, law, agriculture, and architecture, highlighted by the creation of the cuneiform script and the iconic ziggurat structures. This video delves into the cultural and religious dynamics of the era, including the worship of deities like Anu, Enlil, and Inanna, and the epic tales surrounding figures such as Gilgamesh and the flood narrative paralleled in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Moreover, the video will explore the intricate relationships between Sumer and neighboring civilizations like the Indus Valley, Egypt, and Iran, showcasing Sumer's role in the broader context of ancient Near Eastern history. The narrative also covers the impact of Mesopotamian civilization on later cultures, including its influence on the Hebrews, Greeks, and through them, the foundational aspects of Western civilization.

Through this video, you will learn about the complexities of ancient Sumerian society, its innovations that laid the groundwork for future civilizations, and how its legacy permeates modern culture, law, literature, and even religious practices. This detailed examination not only pays homage to Sumer's historical significance but also underscores the interconnectedness of human history and the shared heritage of human civilization.

00:00 - Introduction
01:29 - The fall of Ur
04:43 - The Cradle of Civilization
25:59 - Philosophy of History - Civilization begins
38:07 - Sumerian Mythology
01:20:17 - Kingship, sumerian religion and temples
01:44:41 - War and conflicts in Ancient Mesopotamia
02:02:25 - The legacy of Ancient Mesopotamia
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