Good Manners Song | Don't Cry Baby - Lalafun Nursery Rhymes

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In this video, your child will learn the importance of good manners and how to comfort a crying baby through engaging and fun activities. We understand the challenges of teaching kids good behavior, so we've designed this video to make it easy and entertaining for children to learn. With catchy songs, colorful animations, and relatable examples, your child will not only learn good manners but also how to show empathy towards others. Watch and join us in this exciting adventure of discovering the power of kindness and empathy!

Song Lyrics:
My baby, My baby, please, don't cry
I'll take care of you, I will try
You are my honey and you are my sun
Let's play together and have some fun

My baby, My darling, I'm with you
You are so sad and I'm too
Please, stop crying and play with me
All together like we used to be
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