Fatemeh and Negar's adventures: a different day with an unexpected guest

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In this video, you will get to know the adventures of Fatemeh and Negar on a different day. They wake up early in the morning and prepare breakfast. While they are sitting in their yard, a man suddenly appears. He tells them that Saadi, someone he has a relationship with, has called him to help with their garden problems.

Fatemeh asks this man how he is related to Saadi, and he answers that they are related. Then this man gives some food to Fatima and brings fertilizer and medicine for the trees and vegetables in the garden. He enters the garden and takes care of the problems of the vegetables. Using medicine and fertilizer, he boosts the greens and says the garden needs a proper border, as some of the greens have wilted due to the slope of the land.

Fatima tells him that they water the vegetables once a day, but he suggests that it is better to water every two or three days. Later, Fatemeh helps this man in the garden and then prepares tea for him, which he drinks happily. This man gives his mobile phone to Nagar, Fatima's daughter, and plays music for her, which makes Nagar very happy.

He announces that tomorrow he will buy a speaker for Negar so that he can listen to music and be happy with it. Then this man tells Fatimah that if she has a color, she should bring it to make the facade of the house look more beautiful.
Fatemeh brings the can of paint and when the man is opening the can of paint, his clothes become colored, and Fatemeh is ashamed of Sass because of this and says to take off your shirt so that I can wash it, but the man does not accept. The man says that I will come in the next few days and visit you and the garden and buy and bring paint and fix the facade of the house to make it more beautiful. He says that to make the facade of the house more beautiful, a light color like white is necessary. He says goodbye and leaves, but before saying goodbye, he gives Fatima a bank card and says that you can buy anything you need with this card. Fatima also thanks him. Fatima thinks that Saadi ordered that man to come and help Fatima and Negar.
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