Eid Norouz Celebration : memorable Nowruz celebration for Ali Vasima and Salih's company in the hut

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Greetings and with great respect to the viewers and companions of Sholez855 channel, join us with another beautiful video. Sima and Ali prepared for the enchanting Nowruz celebration in a strange dreamy cottage nestled among the hills. The gentle softness of the raindrops gave a soothing rhythm to the air, painting the outside world in a shimmering haze of silver and green. Inside, a flickering fire in the hearth casts a warm glow on the room and invokes peace and joy.

Sima's nimble fingers weave intricate patterns with vibrant stripes, decorating the space with symbols of renewal and prosperity. Ali's deep and melodious voice sings a poem that seems to have been born from the essence of the rain-kissed earth, his words weave stories of love, hope and stability.

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